RE: User Intentions Explainer (was: List of Intentions)

On Sat, Sep 6, 2014 at 1:54 AM, Johannes Wilm <> wrote:
> These both look quite good!
> On Example 3 on the commands explainer, I was wondering if it is the idea
> that custom actions only can be triggered by specific key presses, whereas
> for standard events are triggered by "intentions". So say that we listen for
> CTRL+C to trigger our custom intention "checkGrammar" -- but the user's
> browser happens to use a locale where CTRL+C is the common standard for
> bold? Would it not be possible to create a new intention and bind it to
> CTRL+C unless that key combination is occupied already, in which case it's
> CTRL+L, etc.? Could there be a way to get all the key bindings defined for a
> given contenteditable=minimal area and their intentions? (to display in a
> help box, for example)

I think advanced things like custom localization will be out of scope, at least initially. This can be done by detecting languages and such. But we should keep it in mind.

> Also, would there be a way to bind intentions not just to key clicks but
> also to new items in the right click menu? An editor may want to use the
> internal spell checker, but add a custom thesauruses and a grammar checker
> to the menu. But maybe this is defined somewhere else?

This is something we should keep in mind, but probably won't be in our top priorities. If folks think it should be, we should include it though, so please give us feedback here.

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