Re: User Intentions Explainer (was: List of Intentions)

On Tuesday, 9 September 2014 at 11:13, Frederico Knabben wrote:
> I don’t think that browsers having time/will for it today is a good argumentation for not doing it. The specs have a critical and noble scope, of serving as reference for the future of the web. We’re talking about the future after all.  
Still we may also take in consideration that there are limited resources available for working on the specs. Therefore the whole work could be separated into two *independent* topics:  

 1. Intention events + execCommand.
 2. contenteditable=“minimal”

“1” should be concluded asap, because it is the foundation for the success of “2”. It is also compatible with the current contenteditable=“true”, so it should enable sites/frameworks to fix the current status of things.

“2” is the ideal world. Something that would require much more energy to get done right. Still in the beginning, there should be an agreement on what’s in and what’s out. Following that, several specs can get started, each one defining the default behavior we want for each of the features we want “minimal” to have. The first ofc, would be “Selection” (and “Focus”!).

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