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Hi Johannes,


On 23/06/2014 21:32 , Johannes Wilm wrote:
> Just a small introduction of myself: I am one of the two developers
> behind the open source Fidus Writer ( which
> aims to be a sort of open source Google Docs writer for academic
> article/book editing purposes. We try to make everything semantic, so
> that one can export to latex or create good looking PDF through the
> print-to-pdf function of the browser. We also need writers to be able to
> edit the same document simultaneously and to be able to track changes
> (using the NYT's ICE system). Previously I was working on Booktype (a
> webbased book editor) for Sourcefabric and at another time I contributed
> a bunch of code to Lyx (the almost-Wysiwyg Latex editor).

Fidus is indeed cool stuff, and I have no doubt you've run into 
maddening problems.

If you have specific examples of things that have been particularly 
painful (or downright impossible), we're certainly interested in hearing 
about them so that we can take them into account.

Robin Berjon - - @robinberjon

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