this is a great initiative!

Just a small introduction of myself: I am one of the two developers behind
the open source Fidus Writer ( which aims to be
a sort of open source Google Docs writer for academic article/book editing
purposes. We try to make everything semantic, so that one can export to
latex or create good looking PDF through the print-to-pdf function of the
browser. We also need writers to be able to edit the same document
simultaneously and to be able to track changes (using the NYT's ICE
system). Previously I was working on Booktype (a webbased book editor) for
Sourcefabric and at another time I contributed a bunch of code to Lyx (the
almost-Wysiwyg Latex editor).

The main reason I become involved in the question of contenteditable was
that we deal a lot with "complex elements" such as footnotes or citations
that need to be treated as a single character. Also, we need the HTML
output to be the exact same on all browsers. This proved to e increasingly
difficult due to the inconsistencies and bugs in the different browsers. I
therefore started contacting different browser developers, the developers
of more known editors such as CKeditor and and standardization
email lists and found out that there was no real standard on any of this.
This was back in 2012, and with this list the situation hopefully slowly

Johannes Wilm
Fidus Writer

Received on Monday, 23 June 2014 19:32:31 UTC