List of Intentions

We now have a good list of use cases on the Explainer[1]. I believe the next step is to come up with the Intentions that we need to allow sites and frameworks to respond to. After that, we can determine which current or new spec each Intention is covered by. Please let me know what you think of this list and if you agree it covers our use cases. The last several are borrowed from IndieUI[2], which we could use to cover those cases if we believe that is best.

* Focus/place caret
* Move caret
* Start selection (eg mouse down to select)
* Update selection (eg mouse move during selection)
* Finish selection (eg mouse up after selecting)
* Modify selection (extend selection after it's finished. Might be covered by update/finish)
* Insert text
* Insert content / insert HTML
* Delete content
* Delete forward
* Delete backward
* Insert newline
* Undo
* Redo
* Paste
* Copy
* Cut
* Drag start/over/stop
* Drop
* Scroll/pan
* Activate / Invoke
* Expand
* Collapse
* Dismiss
* Media next/previous/start/stop/pause
* Rotate
* Zoom
* Value change


Received on Tuesday, 22 July 2014 01:12:51 UTC