Should we use BeforeInputEvent instead of CommandEvent?

In order to move forward with specifying Command Events [1] in the Commands
Explainer , we need to resolve issue 5: using BeforeInput vs adding a
different CommandEvent.

This has been discussed on earlier threads without any consensus.

Arguments for using BeforeInput: InputEvent already exists and tracks
input. BeforeInputEvent has been discussed already by DOM spec and the HTML
spec, although not implemented by any browsers yet.  It doesn't make sense
to add an additional event if BeforeInput will be moving forward.

Argument against: With contenteditable="minimal", nothing is actually going
to be inserted, so BeforeInputEvent is not correctly named.
BeforeInputEvent fires after other Intention Events like ClipboardEvent, so
it will be double-handled. And it's not a clear corollary to the invoke
side, which is currently execCommand.



Received on Wednesday, 16 July 2014 00:40:07 UTC