Re: Only Text Input and Intention Events: Return key

On Fri, Dec 5, 2014 at 2:54 AM, Ben Peters <> wrote:

> The enter key is no different from any other key. It could be mapped to any
> Intention: insert newline character (\n), split the block (<p>), submit, create
> a unicorn (haha), whatever. ContentEditable shouldn't care what key is pressed,
> only what Intention is subsequently fired. We do not plan to have default
> browser behavior for block creation, submit, or unicorns, so only inserting
> characters should do anything here. If anyone thinks there is something
> special about the newline character, we should certainly discuss that.


> Finalizing an IME composition is another good point, but shouldn't that just be
> part of 'insert text'?

There are two ways to handle IME inputs for text inputs. I don't know
if there were common terminologies, but a complex one requires several
interactions between IME and text input controls, and therefore editor
framework needs to be aware of that.

While most browsers today implement the complex one, I'd be fine to
defer that to level 2 of the spec or later.

If we can agree on that, the simple one is no different from 'insert
text' as Ben said.


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