Re: [dxwg] Dcat editorial improvements (#1433)

Hi @riccardoAlbertoni - yes, the notes that say that they were added in DCAT2 - everything else was in the initial version, of course. As you say, sometimes it includes something of the rationale behind the addition, and that's definitely worth preserving in some way.  I think we maybe want to: 

1. Provide a consistent way to highlight 'design' notes (the "why" it was done that way).  That could be a modified form of the NOTE format.

2. Something that tracks when a term was introduced (and I guess, any other status change such as deprecation.....if we ever did that).  As it is, this is NOTEd in the section 6 definitions and acknowledged in the Appendix D Change History. It probably has to be in both but I was wondering if a table in its own chapter as well might actually be more useful. I think it deserves a given a bit more prominence. We could use the existing style to highlight any new terms introduced in this recommendation (ie DCAT 3).   I haven't had a chance to look for any prior art in any other recommendation that might have had to do this - will try to find time to do that in the next few days & see if I can sketch out an approach and see what we all think.

As for the section 6.1 RDF - yeah, I saw that too.  I agree that we should tag it with a note as you suggest for now.

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