Re: [dxwg] definition of dcat:service (#1431)

@matthiaspalmer  and @smrgeoinfo, with this request I only wanted to highlight the difference between the definition of the property dcat:service and the class dcat:DataService. 
I did not intended to initiate a discussion on the nature of data service vs distributions. 

My observation is that because of this distinction (which for the similar pair dcat:dataset + dcat:Dataset does not exists) there exists thus a possible ambiguity. Namely is `A site or end-point that is listed in the catalog` identical to `A collection of operations that provides access to one or more datasets or data processing functions.`. 

From your comments, I get that you interpret that dcat:service should point to a subset of all dcat:DataService's in a catalogue? Namely only the standalone ones? That is an interpretation which I never had made. Namely I always have interpret dcat:dataset as the shorthand for the path dcat:record/foaf:primaryTopic having as range dcat:Dataset. And thus likewise dcat:service as the shorthand for the path dcat:record/foaf:primaryTopic having as range dcat:DataService. 

If there is a more subset oriented interpretation then this is really non-obvious and hard to explain. It sounds really arbitrary that for dcat:service a subset is intended and for dcat:dataset not. Any specific interpretation at this level I would propagate to DCAT profiles.

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