Re: [dxwg] On dataset series > sharing a usecase experience (#1395)

@bertvannuffelen @dr-shorthair The way I see this is that you really have two separate series. One that always has 5 members -- if I understood the situation correctly -- where one dataset, the latest year, is added and one, the sixth year, is (re)moved every year, and one series that grows every year as it adds the latest year. 

Also, the way that @bertvannuffelen found what I would call the second, historical series, was through freetext search -- does that mean that the two series weren't described in one record/landing page?

The way I would describe it is as two series, one under the responsibility of the stat office, and one under the responsibility of the archive -- probably with different contact information -- and then link the two series with some properties to express the temporal relationship like "previous version" and "has current version". 

Otherwise, if you describe it as one series, which would you list as publisher and how would you express the temporal coverage of the two parts in such a way that you know which property is about which part?

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