Re: [dxwg] DCAT for particular Resources/CKAN catalog (#1286)

To complement what said so far:

1. Existing examples of classifications (as well as code lists, thesauri, mappings, etc.) documented as datasets can be found in the [EU Open Data Portal]( and the [European Data Portal]( E.g., [all reference data maintained by the EU Publications Office]( (EuroVoc included) are published as datasets - see:
2. The same applies to the reference data maintained in the [INSPIRE Registry]( This is also reflected in their RDF representation, where a code list is typed both as a `skos:ConceptScheme` and `dcat:Dataset` - see, e.g..:
3. The DCAT profile which probably fits best your use case is [BregDCAT-AP]( (DCAT application profile for base registries), which is also complemented by a number of support tools: - @makxdekkers , I wonder whether this is the project you were referring to
4. As suggested by @riccardoAlbertoni in , you can put a "flag" to say that this is a classification by using `dct:type`. This approach is used in DCAT-AP and related extensions. The Dataset Type Named Authority List maintained by the EU Publications Office could be used for this purpose:
5. About the terms to be mapped:
    - **Dates**: You may also consider using other properties from DCTERMS, as `dct:dateSubmitted` and `dct:dateAccepted`, or to complement the date with the classification status (approved, endorsed, etc.). We have included a draft section on these aspects in the first public WD of DCAT3 (see [§10.3 Resource life-cycle](
    - **Citation**: It is not clear to me if this is meant to specify how to cite the classification, or to point to a document citing the classification. In the latter case, DCAT recommends using `dct:isReferencedBy` (see [§C.3 Link datasets and publications]( In the former case, you may consider using [`dct:bibliographicCitation`]( An example of its use is DCAT-AP-JRC (a DCAT-AP extension for research data) - see
    - **Maintainer**: Whether to map it to `dct:publisher` depends on what "maintainer" means in your context, and whether maintainer and publisher could be different. Note that DCAT provides a general pattern for the specification of roles for which no specific property is defined - see [§14.1 Relationships between datasets and agents](
    - **Reasons of revision**: Indeed, the closer notion in DCAT is "version notes" in [§10.2 Version information]( (`adms:versionNotes`), which is also used in DCAT-AP and related extensions

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