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== DCAT for particular Resources/CKAN catalog ==
Posted by @Aymen-Charef

>Dear colleagues,
>I am working on adapting DCAT for particular resources to be published in FAO CKAN catalogue. Besides datasets, we want to publish the international standard classifications that are the reference for FAO statistical work. Here is the full list of the international family of classifications (with metadata attached) in the UNSD website: https://unstats.un.org/unsd/classifications/Family/ListByDomain
>In general, the classification is issued and maintained by a custodian agency/organization, once adopted it is not frequently revised (5-10 years) alike a dataset, but requires endorsement by a community after each revision.
>There is specific metadata information that is required by our users and I am striving to find the best match in DCAT terms under any of the Classes: Resource, Distribution or Record: the table below with examples.
>I hope you would consider this type of resource to enrich the use and scope of DCAT Version 3. Once these classifications published in FAO CKAN, I can share it with you as implementation use case.
>Metadata UNSD | DCAT | Comment
>-- | -- | --
>Year adopted | Property: release date/ dct:issued | e.g: 1984
>Last year endorsed | Property update/modification datedct:modified | e.g: 2018
>Owner | Creator | Body of statistical community
>Citation | dataCite | It is not data
>Maintainer | Publisher (FAO) | e.g. FAO
>Reasons of revision | ?? | e.g. changes in codification system, adding categories
>I will be glad if you can point me to documentation related to STATDCAT, I would like to explore it, as we are using SDMX for data >processing and dissemination (e.g for SDGs data).
>Example: http://www.fao.org/faostat/en/#data/QA/metadata
>Best regards,
>Aymen Charef
>Office of Chief Statistician (OCS)
>Viale delle Terme di Caracalla
>00153, Rome, Italy

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