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One small detail on the proposed charter:

In section 2.1 the charter refers to 'FORCE 11’s FAIR Principles' 
While the publication of the FAIR Principles on FORCE 11's website is a commonly used reference, Force 11 was only one of the organizations involved in the development and promulgation of FAIR. FORCE 11 does not own FAIR, so it is misleading to imply it by denoting it in this way, and disrespectful to the other organizations that were involved (e.g. CODATA). Better to say 'The research data community's FAIR Principles' or just 'The FAIR Principles'. 

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All, the agenda for October 8 is here:

Other than updates on DCAT and Conneg progress, we have the question of re-chartering the group. There is a draft of the new charter here:

It is VERY close to the original charter, as we were advised by Philippe that would be the easiest route. We will definitely get and apply any edits that he suggests, and we'll let you know what those are.

The chairs.
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