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Thanks, Dave.

Just one point:

I think we forgot to mention the (already made) contact with the Spatial Data on the Web IG (SDWIG), in relation to services and all what is about space and time.

About services, we discussed this starting from Clemens's feedback during the f2f in Lyon, and afterwards.

About space and time, Simon have informed the SDWIG back in April:

I also posted a comment today in the issue above, specifically on the properties used to specify spatial coverage.



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The DCAT meeting discussed the other working groups that we should contact – this note summarises the view of the meeting (minutes at  on where we are with each of these.  [This may be incomplete – there may be some contact/crossover that we weren’t aware of, but its something of a start….]

Attention is drawn to  the best practices for document review at

The plenary listed the following:

  1.  Internationalization – no contact, short checklist at  We don’t think we have changed the status of the vocabulary from DCAT 2014
  2.  Privacy, Security,  - completed questionnaire at (no other direct contact)
  3.  Shape Expressions CG – consensus is that  this would be a useful contact, but there is a feeling that the overlap in more around a common interest in profiles, rather than DCAT
  4.  SHACL Community Group – similar to SheEx
  5. for datasets Community Group – Dan Brickley has been involved at various points – is this enough?
  6.  ODRL Community Group – significant contact in the context of profiles, and some indirect contact with individuals.  Useful to have a formal interaction.
  7.  European Commission's ISA Programme – they have been informed via Andre Perego
  8.  Research Data Alliance – Andrea Perego and Simon Cox are members.
  9.  bioCADDIE WG 3 – Believe Alejandra represents their views, though she wasn’t present to confirm this.  We weren’t sure how related to this

Final point – we have completed some late breaking editorial changes to the DCAT ED – its now ready to become a new PWD.  We’re following up.

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