Feedback on PROF testing from ODRL CG

The ODRL Community Group has now implemented a test PROF-based template for defining community profiles: Using it, they have created a draft profile for RightsML:

Discussion about this test implementation has centred around the following points:

  1.  ODRL CG being happy with the general direction of PROF
     *   it gives them a simple way to define profile parts and relations they say
  2.  Confusion about the object instance values for dct:conformsTo
     *   compared with the values for dct:format which are areay (IANA Media Types)
     *   I have created an issue for this:

  3.  What constitute sensible URIs for profiles
     *   E.g. the core ODRL 2 .2 profile, is the best URI or something else?
     *   They intend to resolve this by listing URIs the decide on for central ODRL profiles at their profiling Best Practice page:

  4.  What PROF’s Test Suite ( will contain
     *   It will contain notes on how to validate instance data against PROF’s own SHACL constraints (early draft):

     *   It will indicate tools that can be used in different environments to do this, such as pySHACL:

Overall, very positive response to PROF from the ODRL group. It serves a couple of their needs and they can contribute back to PROF development with the profiling requirements they have already produced.


Received on Monday, 6 May 2019 13:10:13 UTC