Re: [dxwg] Do we need to say anything specific about URLs (#592)

I propose the following text to be added to [§7.2]( right before the subsection "Key Naming" (possibly as a note):
> NOTE: 
Since Query String Arguments use URIs (or URLs) to convey important information, implementers should ensure that the total length of the URL does not exceed possible length restrictions. [RFC 7230 §3.1.1]( [[RFC 7230]] recommends that senders and recipients support request lines of at least 8,000 octets. Some client and server implementations, however, cannot accept URLs longer than 2.000 characters and e. g. the Sitemap protocol has a length limit of 2.048 characters in a URL. Cf. for a longer discussion of issues related to URL length.

@pwin, is this OK for you?

ACTION-315 (checking if the sysbot picks this up...)

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