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OWA (open world assumption) means that you are welcome to use dct:created if you need it, it is just not in the core set of 'recommended' properties for a dcat:Resource. 

There are many many useful properties that could be used to describe a dataset. The ones mentioned in the Rec are the selection which emerged from the use-cases and requirements over the several phases of development for DCAT. 

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DCAT2 seems not to include a creation date property, perhaps dct:created. It also maps:

dct:issued = sdo:datePublished
dct:modified =  sdo:dateModified

and contains sdo:dateCreated which is obviously mentally mapped to dct:created.

Have I missed a decision to specifically not to refer to created date? It seems an commonly used and obvious DCT property and the role of created isn't covered in 


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