Re: [dxwg] vCard and FOAF? (#955)

@ltrani I was just responding to your point that you would need to create two URIs, which I argued was not necessary.
Which properties to use from either FOAF or VCard is an application choice. DCAT just specifies that the object of dct:publisher is a foaf:Agent (or a dct:Agent which is the same) and that the object of dcat:contactPoint is a VCard:Kind. An application profile or a community guideline could further specify which properties from FOAF or VCard need to be provided. 
In many cases that I've seen, it is often the case, and it may actually be recommended, as @andrea-perego mentioned, that the contact point is a functional telephone number or mailbox, one that is specific for questions or comments related to the Dataset, not the general mailbox of an organisation. 
You can of course disagree with the approach but that is how it was designed, and that's how it has been used. 
If we want to change this, we need to make sure that the intention is somehow preserved, that a new approach makes things better and that a necessary change in existing implementations has a clear benefit, for example in increased Interoperability. 

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