[dxwg] better link for ISO19115-1 codelist, section 13 (#975)

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== better link for ISO19115-1 codelist, section 13 ==
The text in section 13 paragraph one:

> there are many other potential roles, see for example the CI_RoleCode values from [ISO-19115-1]. 

the reference points to the ISO standards document, which is not freely available;  a more useful link to see the codelist would be https://standards.iso.org/iso/19115/resources/Codelists/gml/CI_RoleCode.xml, which shows up in a browser as a readable html page. 

likewise for DS_AssociationTypeCode referenced in the following sentences, a more useful link is https://standards.iso.org/iso/19115/resources/Codelists/gml/DS_AssociationTypeCode.xml

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