[dxwg] Repetition in vocabulary section (#704)

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== Repetition in vocabulary section ==
In rewiring the internal document links, I noticed we've been a little inconsistent within Ch 6 with repetition of the inherited properties for `dcat:Catalog` from its super-classes `dcat:Resource` and `dcat:Dataset` which we don't repeat in the parallel sections for `dcat:Dataset` and `dcat:DataService`.  It would be easy to remove the duplicates most of the definitions/use og e.g. `title` , `description` etc are identical though there are some usage notes that may require rewording to make sense such the various forms of the `language` property.

I think this is worth doing  but wanted to ask if it considered and ruled out?  (As a reader, duplicating in some places and not others without a visible rationale makes me worried I've missed something).

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