[dxwg] Simplify ontology by remove inverse and transitive properties (#661)

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== Simplify ontology by remove inverse and transitive properties ==
From Irene Polikoff for the W3C SHACL CG:

> I also wondered why for one object property (prof:isProfileOf), inverse and transitive properties were specified, but not for others. 

> Personally, I would prefer to see no inverses and no properties intend to hold transitive inferences since the goal here is to improve interoperability. 

> If some users will publish information using the inverses, then applications using this information will need to work harder to support the inferencing. This will introduce some obstacles to adoption. Which may be OK if there is some important value to be derived from this, but the value was not clear to me. And if there is an important value, is it limited to just this specific property? Why not inverse for prof:hasRole, for example? Or transitive alternatives for other properties such as prof:isInheretedFrom?

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