Re: [dxwg] DCAT: Proposal for an updated definition for the concept “dataset” (#1195)

It seems to me that the new definition you propose "_collection of data that is regarded as a unit_" is even vaguer that the current one -- as you have moved the part of the current definition "_published or curated by a single agent, and available for access or download in one or more representations_" to the notes (3 and 4), changing these aspects from applying to **all** datasets described using DCAT to being only **typical** for datasets. Furthermore, the fact that the collection of data is "_regarded as a unit_" is already implicit in the fact that the collection is described as a `dcat:Dataset`, which is a unit.
As I wrote before, your observations about what is and what isn't typical for datasets may apply to datasets in your domain or application, and as such could very well be part of domain-specific guidance.

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Received on Wednesday, 18 December 2019 08:44:37 UTC