PROF to WG Note

The poll on publication of PROF has been completed.[1] There were 13 yeses
and 1 no on the first question. However, the "no" vote has been resolved
since the poll ended.

The poll therefore decides that the group agrees that the PROF vocabulary
will be published as a working group note.

The second part of the poll, giving the editors permission to continue to
update the note without asking for further WG votes on versions, had 8
yeses and 6 no's. Most of the "no" votes had comments stating that the
group was not clear on the implications of the permission. We should
therefore discuss this further. As background, we chairs were advised that
a WG note does not imply consensus of the group, it instead indicates that
the work was done during the group's active work period. Allowing editors
of notes to continue to work "on their own" is apparently common.

We need to understand further how versions and drafts of notes are issued,
but our understanding is that there is not a formal issuance of drafts and
that notes can be edited "in place". What this means is not entirely clear,
so we will move this second question to a further decision process after we
have gotten more information about the notes process. This undoubtedly will
mean inviting Philippe to a future meeting where he can explain and answer

thanks to all,
kc for chairs
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Karen Coyle / Digital Library Consultant
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Received on Wednesday, 11 December 2019 10:33:56 UTC