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== Unclear classification of dataset/resources ==
# Problem statement: Unclear classification of dataset/resources

Section [5.5 Classifying dataset types ](https://www.w3.org/TR/vocab-dcat-2/#classifying-dataset-types) states the following:

> The type or genre of a **dataset** can be indicated using the **dct:type property**. It is recommended that the value of the property is taken from a well governed and broadly recognised set of resource types, such as the **DCMI Type Vocabulary** [DCTERMS], the **MARC Genre/Terms Scheme**, the [ISO-19115-1] **MD_Scope codes,** **the DataCite resource types**, or the **PARSE.Insight content-types** from Re3data [RE3DATA-SCHEMA].

The property dct:type on dcat:Dataset is inherited from rdf:Resource but since the majority out of the recommended controlled vocabularies contain the indiviual '_dataset_' this could practically present a number of implementation issues when applied to dcat:Dataset without further extension as the provided codelists are for classifying resourcer on a more general level - datasets being one of the main types....

Here a quick stab at a general mapping between the different resource types (with DCMI as the foundation mapped to selected elements from MD ScopeCodes and DataCite Resource Types)

[DCMI type vocabulary](https://www.dublincore.org/specifications/dublin-core/dcmi-type-vocabulary/2003-02-12/) | [ISO19115 MD_ScopeCode](https://data.noaa.gov/resources/iso19139/schema/resources/Codelist/gmxCodelists.xml#MD_ScopeCode) (excerpt)  | [DataCite ResourceType](https://schema.datacite.org/meta/kernel-4.1/include/datacite-resourceType-v4.1.xsd) (excerpt)
------------ | -------------  | -------------
| Dataset | Dataset | Dataset
| Text (Document)? | Text|
| Sound  | - see PresentationFormCode | Sound/Audiovisual data?
| Image |  - see PresentationFormCode | Image
| Event |  -  Event| 
| InteractiveResource |  -  Interactive ressource| 
| Service | Service | Service
| Software           | Software | Software
| PhysicalObject | Feature? | Physical Object
| Collection   | Collection | Collection
| _StillImage_  _- Type of image?_|   
| _MovingImage_   _- Type of image?_|   

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