Re: [dxwg] Suggested updates to definition of PROF constructs (#1061)

The following updates to definitions were made in PR #1179:

* `prof:Profile` - defn harmonised with document's main definition as per suggestion at Issue description
* `prof:hasResource` - a -> the, stylistic. Full wording in suggestion at Issue description
* `prof:isProfileOf` - stylised to point to the subject, as per suggestions such as Sense of the Issue description adopted with the additional stylistic wording
* `prof:isTransitiveProfileOf` - changed as per discussion here to the simple "A specification this Profile conforms to" since usage note and the axiom present in the vocab cover the particulars
* `prof:hasToken` - a -> the, stylistic. Wording changed in previous PRs but 'preferred alternative' not removed, as suggested, and the Usage Note & definition not merged. The suggestions here for this property seem sensible to me though and could be implemented completely
* `prof:hasArtifact` - a -> the, stylistic
* `prof:hasRole` - changed to remove specifics syntax concerns (SHACL etc.) and to indicate the rols is of the Profile, not the ResourceDescriptor
* `prof:isInheritedFrom` - stylised to point to the subject
* `prof:ResourceRole` - changed to refer to the ResourceDescriptor (the domain of the property)

@aisaac do you agree that your suggestions, with additions from Max etc. have been implemented other than perhaps for `hasToken`? If so, I'll create a new Issue for `hasToken` wording and close this.

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Received on Tuesday, 3 December 2019 04:34:55 UTC