Re: Agenda for CNEG subgroup meeting 2018-09-26

To answer the question regarding the FPWD: "Do we need to let the
plenary vote on this before we get it published (I guess yes we do)?"

Yes, you do need the plenary approval for the FPWD as it is a output
attributed to the working group as a whole. You can do this in email, to
reach the maximum number of WG members.  Another option is to create a
github issue and have people vote on the issue with the thumbs up/down
feature. Note that you may have to bug people for replies by posting
several reminders to the mailing list.


On 9/25/18 5:41 PM, Svensson, Lars wrote:
> The agenda for tomorrow's CNEG meeting is at The main topic is the progress to FPWD.
> Further agenda items are welcome.
> Best,
> Lars
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