[dxwg] Property to link to the actual implementation artefacts

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== Property to link to the actual implementation artefacts ==
On the basis of a small test of the Profile Description ontology 
I think we need a property to carry explicit links from the `ImplResourceDesc` (an association class) and the actual implementation resource. 

I suggest calling this either `pd:artefact` or `pd:implementationResource` with the RDF definition
  rdf:type owl:ObjectProperty ;
  rdfs:comment "The artefact (resource) linked to a profile through an Implementation Resource Descriptor" ;
  rdfs:domain pd:ImplResourceDesc ;
  rdfs:label "artefact (resource) " ;
  skos:editorialNote "A property to link from a pd:ImplResourceDesc to the actual implementation resource. " ;
Related to #323 and #355 

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