Profile guidance doc - structure from issue #242

Dear all,

(apologies for the long silence. I was on quite long holidays and then a lot of conference work and then it took a while to catch-up (even incompletely) with everything that happened in the past month!)

A while ago I was given an action [1] to propose a new structure, following the last one suggested in our discussion in issue #242 [2].
When I came back, I saw this action was closed, deprecated by other work done on the Profile Guidance document [3], especially (and maybe only) by Nick.
However, in the light of the most recent decisions in the plenary calls about the distinction and goals between the Profile Guidance doc and the document describing the ProfileDesc vocabulary in detail, it seems that this action may still be useful.

So after a discussion with chairs and co-editors, I have written an alternative version for the Profile Guidance document, at

The structure is new, but I have re-used quite a lot of the content that is in Nick's version, as can be seen by opening the two docs side-by-side.

It's quite full of notes but hopefully these will help clarify the intention behind some sections and flag issues where I feel that the input from the group (and discussion between editors) is most important.

I would be happy to discuss it at the plenary today. Of course it is too late for asking everyone a detailed review or a definitive go/no-go decision with the new structure. But at least we could take a collective action to make our mind about it for the next call.




Received on Tuesday, 18 September 2018 07:44:16 UTC