Major decisions out of F2F4

This is just a quick update coming out of the F2F - everyone should take
a quick look at the minutes because there was quite a bit of interesting
discussion. There are also a number of action items which you will view
in the October 30 plenary.

We accepted three of the missing requirements for the content
negotiation document. These are at

We decide to publish the profiles ontology as a first public working draft.

We resolved keep the vocabulary alignments (e.g. DCAT <->
out of the normative document and provide a link to their location.
However, we then had a discussion where we seem to have agreed to leave
the alignment in the document to provide an example, in spite
of the downside of having the alignment in a published document.
(Downside mainly relates to the difficulty of updating because published
documents cannot be modified.)

We decided to modify the "DXWG Family" section in the documents: only
the group of profile documents should appear in each of the
profile-related documents; the DCAT document will remove the family of
documents section.
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