Re: [profgui] Suggest for related work section

Hi Karen,

I'm all in favour of working in the direction of implementing the 'note' that comes from you in this section!
The new header sounds good.
I'm more hesitant towards the part on answering 'why do people create profiles' in this section, as it's already addressed in the 'intro of the intro'. But anyway I guess I can't judge until I've seen some text :-)
Afaic, you can directly create a PR and I'll check the wording changes there. But if you anticipate that a bit of discussion around your new text would help, then a new github issue is the best option! If you do the change directly my only request would be to keep all the examples, at least as a bullet in some list!



On 18/10/2018 08:14, Karen Coyle wrote:
> I suggest replacing the section that now is headed "Related work" with a
> header saying "Profile types" and with the text in
> I also think we can expand that a bit to talk about the motivation for
> creating profiles. The introduction to that section could attempt to
> answer the question: why do people create profiles?
> If folks are ok with this, I'll make the change. If you are ok with it
> in general but want to see wording changes, let's do that in the github
> issue.
> kc

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