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Is it OK to start sending this to interested parties?


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I did a first pass of the Spanish translation and included it on the same page:

On 14/10/2018 09:07, wrote:
> I've made some mods to the Wiki page with text for publicity around
> the 2PWD - see
> s#Text_for_Request_for_Comments
> (I also changed the name of the page to reflect the multiple PWDs.)
> Simon
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> We've received notice that the DCAT draft "looks good" and will be published next week. As I recall, documents are published on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but in any case we'll send along the announcement when it comes through.
> This then leads us to the publicity and community comment stage of this work. I will find and post the announcement from the last comment period, and we can adjust it accordingly.
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