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TPAC registration closes Oct 14

From: Karen Coyle <kcoyle@kcoyle.net>
Date: Mon, 8 Oct 2018 15:24:37 +0200
To: "public-dxwg-wg@w3.org" <public-dxwg-wg@w3.org>
Message-ID: <41dc0e2a-bdb6-d313-9224-9a04808f424c@kcoyle.net>
If you are attending the F2F and have not yet registered for TPAC, do so

Dear Advisory Committee Representative,
Chairs, Working Groups and Community Groups who signed up to meet (bcc’ed),

The TPAC 2018 registration will close on 14 October 2018.
If you have not done so, please fill in the form available at:
and linked from the TPAC 2018 overview page [1]

See you in Lyon!

[1] https://www.w3.org/2018/10/TPAC/
Karen Coyle
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