RE: Please associate your W3C profile with your GitHub profile

It just happened to me with pull request It came back with "All checks have
failed". I then proceeded to link my W3C account with my GitHub account.
That was easy, but the pull requests still has the check failure.




From: Dave Raggett <> 
Sent: 04 October 2018 15:15
Subject: Please associate your W3C profile with your GitHub profile


Some new piece of wizardry is checking pull requests on W3C specs on GitHub
to determine in the people involved are W3C Members or Invited Experts.
Right now this is throwing up spurious error reports. Philippe Le Hegaret
tells me:


If the individual is in the Working Group, which is your case, you need to
ask the individual to associate their W3C profile with the GH one, using

More info at:

The IP manager will then automatically recognize him and validate his pull

If the individual is not part of the Working Group, you'll need to assess
the contribution, and the potential IP exposure since the contributions from
outside the Working Group. In doubt, you may involve him and teaml-legal


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