Re: Minutes from CNEG subgroup meeting 2018-09-26

Lars, given the process that a FPWD would need to go through, I think
you need to move that deadline up to 2018-10-09, which I realize is a
very short deadline. The TPAC-related moratoria on publications are:

October 17, 1200Z: Deadline for publication requests before moratorium
October 18: Last publications before moratorium

DaveR - is it correct that we'd need to begin the FPWD publication
process by the week of October 8?

Conneg group - can you have a viable draft by that time?


On 10/2/18 9:33 AM, Svensson, Lars wrote:
> All,
> The minutes from the CNEG subgroup telecon are up [1] (have been for a while...). An important point we discussed was the publication of the FPWD of the negotiation-by-profile document [2]. In order to have it in the publication queue before TPAC, we need to discuss and approve that document in the plenary meeting on 2018-10-16. Would that schedule work?
> [1]
> [2]
> Best,
> Lars
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