Closing requirement issues on github?


Continuing on the discussion in the other thread - but trying to focus on one aspect: closing github requirements.

I've seen that Karen closed two requirements issues

I'm not sure for the first (I miss the time to check) but I'm sure that the second ("Requirement: There needs to be a property in the profile where the rules for the descriptive content can be provided. This would apply to the entire profile. [ID42] (5.42)") is one corresponds to a requirement that we approved on the Google doc

As much as I don't like at this stage to create issue for every requirement by default, I think we shouldn't make disappear the requirements that happened to have been discussed and validated, after we've decided to have the discussion on github because it was impossible to have it on the Google doc.
This is what I've said to Nick, basically: when the Google doc effort is finished, I agree the requirements should be on github (it's just that I didn't feel we all have the bandwidth to pay attention to all of them on github and the Google doc at once).

Perhaps once the discussion on github is finished and a requirment is approved we can keep it open, and add a label like 'approved', instead of making it disappear.

In any case, when we close issues we should always indicate the reason why we're closing it in a comment or by assigning a label (for example "won't fix"). I'm not a developer, but in my experience this is always how I saw more github-experienced people than me were doing.



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