New requirements on github?


I saw that yesterday a flurry of new github issues has been created about the requirements we're discussing on the google docs. This includes requirements that have not been approved yet, like
which includes a comment from me "derived from the previous one: it's rather trivial, but one never knows..." which was already a bit weird but now becomes downward irrelevant unless we put a link to the 'previous one' in github.

Am I missing something? Has it been decided that the discussion was going to happen on github for these requirements that used to be on the Google Doc?

I'm sorry but I'm afraid I won't have the bandwidth to follow yet another discussion area, especially as each space require verification. I already found that it's hard to keep up between some re-wording agreed in the calls and the wording in the Google doc, I can't imagine having the group to control another space...



Received on Thursday, 28 June 2018 11:49:57 UTC