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+1 from me. Another example we can consider is GML (Geography Markup Language) - quoting from [1]:

GML profiles are logical restrictions to GML, and may be expressed by a document, an XML schema or both. These profiles are intended to simplify adoption of GML, to facilitate rapid adoption of the standard.


Note that Profiles are distinct from application schemas. Profiles are part of GML namespaces (Open GIS GML) and define restricted subsets of GML. Application schemas are XML vocabularies defined using GML and which live in an application-defined target namespace. Application schemas can be built on specific GML profiles or use the full GML schema set.

Profiles are often created in support for GML derived languages (see application schemas) created in support of particular application domains such as commercial aviation, nautical charting or resource exploitation.



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>I just had a quick look at the ODRL profile (will spend more time with
>it later), and it actually looks like an interesting use case for us.
>This makes me think that we might want to "declare" existing profile
>definitions (DCAT-AP, perhaps BIBFRAME, ODRL) as use cases, and see what
>we can reuse from them (or refer to) in our profile guidance. It might
>also be a good idea to do a brief round-up of existing profiles in the
>guidance document, using them as examples of why people need profiles,
>what motivates them, etc.
>On 6/26/18 12:06 AM, Svensson, Lars wrote:
>> On Monday, June 25, 2018 2:24 PM, Antoine Isaac []
>>> I've attended the first call of the ODRL Community Group [1], after the
>Working Group
>>> has published the ODRL recommendations
>>> I'm trying to follow this with my Europeana hat (we've got some stuff
>going on on
>>> rights). But at the beginning of the call I realized that ODRL has a strong
>focus on the
>>> notion of profiles [2].
>> So do you think someone else from the group should join with a profile
>>> I've mentioned that our group works on profiles. I've not expressed an
>offer for
>>> formal liaison, as I've got no mandate for it. But if our group is interested
>we could
>>> start paying more attention to what happens in ODRL wrt profiles, when
>they start
>>> gathering them, and maybe registering them. There could be interesting
>> Indeed there could; the ODRL profiles are also media-type independent
>constructs and that's one of the reasons I've kept pointing to them!
>> Best,
>> Lars
>>> [1]

>>> [2]

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