Re: [dxwg] Define conneg interaction with media types that have a profile param

I too agree that it would make more sense to let `Accept` take precedence over `Accept-Profile`, even if I don't think that there will be much overlap.

@nicholascar wrote:
> Can we say that scheme selection in Accept headers is common or orften used? Is it used elsewhere other than in JSON-LD? Knowledge of such practice (I don’t have it) will assist in determining sensible precedence.

The use of the `profile` parameter (or any parameter) in the `Accept` header is only possible when specified in the media type registration (cf. [RFC 2048](
2.2.3.  Parameter Requirements

   Media types may elect to use one or more MIME content type
   parameters, or some parameters may be automatically made available to
   the media type by virtue of being a subtype of a content type that
   defines a set of parameters applicable to any of its subtypes.  In
   either case, the names, values, and meanings of any parameters must
   be fully specified when a media type is registered in the IETF tree,
   and should be specified as completely as possible when media types
   are registered in the vendor or personal trees.
I don't know about all media types, but of the RDF-relevant ones only JSON-LD ([application/ld+json]( specifies the use of a `profile` parameter

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