DCAT sub-group meeting 2018-06-21

A select group (disjoint from last week's attendance) met today for a useful meeting which focused on the FPWD, feedback and positioning of the DCAT vocabulary within the landscape of similar vocabularies.

1.       Some concern was raised and noted on the relative silence on feedback to the FPWD

2.       Where there have been presentations of the direction of DCAT (at OGC, thank you, Stijn) one of the questions that came up was about relative positioning of the DCAT vocabulary against similar vocabularies (ISO19105 in this case). When would you use one rather than the other, for example?  After a very productive discussion, it was obvious that we can probably easily formulate some statement of DCAT strengths focussing on broad interoperability, and an action was raised to produce that.  [This could perhaps be seen as a response to the (draft) use case at https://github.com/w3c/dxwg/issues/223 ].  The question of where this would be incorporated in our deliverables was left on the table, but it would perhaps also be useful as part of any communication activity.  (The FPWD has a section on Motivation for Change, but no natural home for a 'this is why DCAT/these are the strengths'.)

3.       Since the meeting had limited attendance it was agreed it wasn't appropriate to spend time on open github issues/topics

For details, see https://www.w3.org/2018/06/21-dxwgdcat-minutes.html

(Procedural note: the minutes of the previous meeting on 14-06-2018 available at  https://www.w3.org/2018/06/14-dxwgdcat-minutes.html  couldn't be approved since no one in today's meeting was at the earlier one)

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