Re: [dxwg] Profile negotiation [RPFN]

Thanks, Lars,

Can you explain the value that you see in having the same URL for both 
datasets? What gives me pause here in particular is the mention that one 
is a beefed-up version with links to images. To me, that suggests that 
they are really two different resources; one clearly contains more 
stuff. Would you also make both datasets available under separate URLs 
for human consumption?


On 6/8/18 8:51 AM, Lars G. Svensson via GitHub wrote:
> @agreiner scripsit:
>> Having multiple profiles available is realized already by just 
>> offering a version of the dataset that conforms to one profile under 
>> one URL and a version that applies to another under another URL. 
>> Sorry I can't recall where it was expressed, but the idea of one URL 
>> for multiple profiles came from someone else in the group (maybe Lars?).
> Yes, that was me. Our use case is that we have two linked data 
> serviced offering data about the same entities (e. g. persons and 
> geographic entities) but using two different metadata profiles. The 
> first one is our default one served through the domain, e. 
> g. the other one is a 
> beefed-up version also offering things like links to images at 
> wikimedia commons, e. g. 
> that is used to 
> drive the entity pages in the German Digital Library at 
> The 
> point is that both representations are about the same entity, 
> identified by and we want to serve both 
> representations using the same URI. The solution to this would be 
> profile negotiation.

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