Re: [dxwg] Incorrect type for *URL properties - should be owl:DatatypeProperty with range xsd:anyURI

@andrea-perego wrote:
> It would break existing implementations, 

I guess the problem is that the existing implementation have
dcat:downloadURL <> ;
rather than
dcat:downloadURL ""^^xsd:anyURI ;
That is definitely an incompatibility. 

> I don't think we have any use cases supporting this revision. 

True. I'm primarily seeking consistency with the definitions, but of course that cannot be at the expense of functionality. And even if we do find some errors and infelicities, some we just have to accept as history. 

Note that the documentation is ambiguous: in the [RDF representation of DCAT-2014]( in the definition of `dcat:downloadURL` there is a usage-note that says "The value is a URL" which would support my proposition. However, the comment says "This is a direct link ..." which is consistent with it being an object-property. If it is an object-property there is nothing in the RDF/OWL framework to stop it being a blank-node, which is inconsistent with the usage note. Maybe SHACL or ShEX could help? 

> Moreover, having them as object properties would enable cross-linking of related resources (as services and distributions). 

I need to understand the details here. We have (provisionally) added a new property `dcat:accessService` to complement `dcat:accessURL`. If you are suggesting that `accessURL` can cross-link to a service description in the catalog (and not just to an external service endpoint) then there is no difference between them. 

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