Re: [dxwg] Use of dct:type with both Class and Concept

> The issue is that is legal to use of a skos:Concept where a range is rdfs:Class, and this then is an explicit case of OWL punning. (I believe this is "intended").

Sure, it is legal to use anything with any RDFS range definition. Only the consequence is that the "anything" becomes an instance of the RDFS range. And that is what I am talking about here. The act of usage of an instance of a skos:Concept with something that has RDFS range of rdfs:Class makes that something and instance of rdfs:Class. That, in my opinion, is unintended. People will simply want to describe datasets with metadata. And, many people will not realize this (as they are not experts).

Whether or not one discovers such effect, i.e. performs inference, is another matter, but the problem is already in there regardless of that. So, my argument is not to cause such side effects just for the sake of reusing `dct:type`. If we are going to write examples where skos:Concepts are to be used, in a sense other than with `dcat:theme`, we should have another property for that. Then you do not have to assume anything more.

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Received on Tuesday, 28 August 2018 05:45:33 UTC