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Re: Another possible f2f agenda

From: Antoine Isaac <aisaac@few.vu.nl>
Date: Thu, 9 Nov 2017 18:08:24 +0100
To: <public-dxwg-wg@w3.org>
Message-ID: <cc5ba8ca-2d6a-7f76-d2f9-a9b3fab92cbb@few.vu.nl>
Hi Karen, yes for practical purposes I consider the time period between Friday 6pm and Saturday 2am to be included in the week-end ;-)

More seriously, in general I wouldn't mind join (very) late, I've done it in the past. But these two particular evenings are really hard for me (e.g. this evening I'm on baby duty)


On 06/11/17 17:28, Karen Coyle wrote:
> Antoine, I don't understand. Are you considering Friday evening weekend?
> kc
> On 11/6/17 7:55 AM, Antoine Isaac wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Yes maybe it's worth checking first who from Europe can participate.
>> Even if it is in San Francisco's morning, a session on Friday does
>> correspond to week-end time in Europe already.
>> Antoine
>> On 06/11/17 16:46, Karen Coyle wrote:
>>> Makx, let me see if I can move those groups to earlier times. If
>>> Profiles is after lunch, most likely no one from Europe can participate,
>>> as it will be after 10:00 pm for them. With one session before and one
>>> after lunch, each hemisphere gets in on part of the conversation. I'll
>>> wait, however, to hear if there are other comments.
>>> kc
>>> On 11/6/17 6:48 AM, mail@makxdekkers.com wrote:
>>>> This new agenda is less convenient for me than the previous one at
>>>> https://www.w3.org/2017/dxwg/wiki/Meetings:F2F2017.11.09.
>>>> In this new proposal, I will not be able to participate in Access and
>>>> Linking on Thursday afternoon (they were in the morning session
>>>> previously). The same is true for the session with Publications and
>>>> Distributions (earlier on Thursday afternoon, now on Friday
>>>> afternoon) but that was already a problem in the previous draft.
>>>> I do understand that it is probably impossible to satisfy everyone's
>>>> wishes but I wondered if the two sessions on profiles could be moved
>>>> to after lunch on Friday and the session on Publication and
>>>> Distributions to before lunch?
>>>> Makx.
>>>> -----Original Message-----
>>>> From: Karen Coyle [mailto:kcoyle@kcoyle.net]
>>>> Sent: 05 November 2017 01:40
>>>> To: public-dxwg-wg@w3.org
>>>> Subject: Another possible f2f agenda
>>>> Based on the comments, I've put together another possible agenda for
>>>> the f2f, with the caveat that the chairs may want to juggle a few
>>>> details (we haven't had a chance to confer about this). If we accept
>>>> this one I will copy it over the original, so we keep the same file
>>>> name (which is already in the TPAC agenda).
>>>> https://www.w3.org/2017/dxwg/wiki/Meetings:F2F2017.11.09B
>>>> This one has profiles on the first day, Thursday, both before and
>>>> after lunch. Versioning is on Friday, also before and after lunch.
>>>> The operating theory is that with long topic areas it may be good to
>>>> have a break in the middle. It does mean that the first session of
>>>> each works best for those calling in from UTC & UTC+1, while the
>>>> second is more likely to have callers from UTC+11 & UTC+13.
>>>> Unfortunately, the "Friday"
>>>> meeting will be Saturday for those folks. I don't think there's
>>>> anything we can do about that. We can switch the days, however,
>>>> putting versioning on Thursday and profiles on Friday if anyone wishes.
>>>> I'm happy to get suggestions, as long as they fit in the grid.
>>>> kc
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