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RE: Another possible f2f agenda

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This new agenda is less convenient for me than the previous one at https://www.w3.org/2017/dxwg/wiki/Meetings:F2F2017.11.09. 

In this new proposal, I will not be able to participate in Access and Linking on Thursday afternoon (they were in the morning session previously). The same is true for the session with Publications and Distributions (earlier on Thursday afternoon, now on Friday afternoon) but that was already a problem in the previous draft.

I do understand that it is probably impossible to satisfy everyone's wishes but I wondered if the two sessions on profiles could be moved to after lunch on Friday and the session on Publication and Distributions to before lunch?


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Subject: Another possible f2f agenda

Based on the comments, I've put together another possible agenda for the f2f, with the caveat that the chairs may want to juggle a few details (we haven't had a chance to confer about this). If we accept this one I will copy it over the original, so we keep the same file name (which is already in the TPAC agenda).


This one has profiles on the first day, Thursday, both before and after lunch. Versioning is on Friday, also before and after lunch. The operating theory is that with long topic areas it may be good to have a break in the middle. It does mean that the first session of each works best for those calling in from UTC & UTC+1, while the second is more likely to have callers from UTC+11 & UTC+13. Unfortunately, the "Friday"
meeting will be Saturday for those folks. I don't think there's anything we can do about that. We can switch the days, however, putting versioning on Thursday and profiles on Friday if anyone wishes.

I'm happy to get suggestions, as long as they fit in the grid.


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