Comments on UC ID38 (Time-related aspects)

Dear Jaroslav,

A couple of notes on the meta-UC concerning "time" [1], in particular wrt the 2nd list in the "Comments" section:

1. "Creation, modification time already covered by dct:issued, dct:modified": This is not completely correct, at least looking at how these DC properties are used. More precisely, dct:issued is about the issue / publication date, whereas DC has a specific property for "creation date", namely, dct:created. So, I would suggest revising the sentence above as follows: "Creation, publication, modification time already covered by dct:created, dct:issued, dct:modified, respectively"

2. I wonder whether we should consider additional time-related properties provided by DC, and used also in DataCite. For the list, you can check the relevant mapping table included in the DataCite to DCAT-AP mapping study [2]. These include dct:date, dcat:dataAccepted, dct:available, dct:dateCopyrighted, dct:dataSubmitted, dct:valid. Actually, I'm not sure they should (all) be included - unless we have specific use cases requiring them. Anyway, I guess we should at least acknowledge their existence and use in existing metadata standards, and possibly motivate those we decide to leave out.

3. I wonder whether DC property dct:valid is relevant for the points concerning data retention, and expiry of data/records.

4. It may be worth including a reference to PROV - in particular, the DC to PROV mapping specification [3] - which may be used for a more sophisticated representation of some time-related aspects wrt DC.

5. Probably I missed it, but a time-related aspect that I don't see in the list concerns "update frequency" (i.e., how frequently a dataset / distribution is updated). This is usually modelled with dct:accrualPeriodicity.



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