Re: [DXWG] Status of use cases updated in Wiki and UC Mind map

Hi Jaro

couple of comments on the mind map - I would have expected there to be
strong correlations between
"ID7 Data semantics" and "ID8,ID20 Notion of data content"

in fact, these are both intimately connected with the generalised case of
profiles, where the semantic profiles of datasets are described.

Also, data content models are intimately connected to data access services
where those services support any form of subsetting of the data - which is
nearly always based on the dimensionality of the data, and the semantics of
those dimensions are critical.

Now - nearly all these issues are in fact dealt with by profiles specifying
re-use of vocabularies for the "deep models" of content, services etc, and
the bare minimum summary properties we might promote to properties of
 dcat:Dataset  - e.g. the details behind the value of  :author might be
deeply modelled using PROV-O at some canonical attachment point. Many Use
Cases will need such a pattern, which should be consistent in

It would be good to have the meta-use case for "re-use of 3rd party
vocabularies" as a focal point for the graph, so we can easily see all the
Use Cases that should have a similar pattern for implementation.


On Tue, 4 Jul 2017 at 02:32 Jaroslav Pullmann <> wrote:

>    Dear all,
>     in order to track the editorial status of the use cases (esp. to
> identify those we already discussed
>    and the "new" ones) I updated the status information in the Wiki and
> within the UC Mind map [1], including
>    some of the potentially missing (meta)use cases.
>   Best regards
>    Jaroslav
> [1]
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