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As I understand it, one of the main reasons that the "Guidance"
deliverable was included in the charter was exactly because the use of
PDF files for profiles was considered a poor practice. However, it
wasn't clear what the alternative would be, and thus the Guidance
deliverable was included to respond to that. Although it doesn't say
this directly, machine readability/parsability is a desirable goal.


On 12/12/17 5:23 PM, Annette Greiner wrote:
> On a separate note, I really want to discourage use of Word or PDF
> files. One needn't be a coder to avail oneself of a simple text editor.
> Machine readability deserves at least some consideration, and by machine
> readability I don't mean just being viewable with a computer, I mean
> being readily parseable.
> On 12/12/17 2:02 PM, Rob Atkinson wrote:
>> This may sound like a burden, but its quite a trivial burden on
>> infrastructure compared to the burden on end users trying to work out
>> what is the same and different in a forest of PDF documents of
>> overlapping profiles descriptions. (whilst we want to make publication
>> easy, make end use impossible is a poor compromise)

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