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thanks Dan

it is true that the origins of QB are from the meta-model within SDMX, a
model concerned with statistical data.  Its principles however are aligned
with a broader concept of data warehousing, which (until recently) was the
almost ubiquitous approach to organising large datasets with regular
structures. "datcube" is now being applied to dimensional imagery

What it does is distinguish between "dimensions" and "measures" - and it
applies to any observational data as well as any data that expresses a
continuum in any dimension set.

like every other possible vocabulary, it expresses some things but not all.
As part of the W3C namespace it something we would need a very good reason
to reinvent, and IMHO we cant usefully describe datasets without being able
to state how they are organised and the semantics of the set - whats an
independent variable if you like.


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> Thanks, Dan. In context, I didn't assume that, since data cube is only
> relevant to a particular type of information - statistical data. I'll go
> back and read Rob's reply again, since I must have missed something.
> kc
> On 12/11/17 1:49 AM, Dan Brickley wrote:
> >
> > I assumed it was an informal alias for W3C RDF Data Cube,
> > i.e.
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