Re: Start of profiles analysis page - 2nd reply

Hi, Alejandra. I didn't look at the wiki home page before I answered
your email. The items under "Deliverables" should link to the github
repo, I believe, not to pages that are working documents. So that item
under Deliverables "Guidance on publishing application profiles" will
have "Editor's draft" under it, and that will be the github location of
the draft. We could decide to do it differently, but that was my
assumption based on past practice. Putting it under "Working documents"
makes clear that what is there isn't what we intend to deliver as a

Does that make sense?


On 12/4/17 8:37 AM, Alejandra Gonzalez-Beltran wrote:
> Hi Karen, all,
> We had a page where Andrea and I had been compiling information about
> the profiles here:
> We should probably combine the information in the page you created.
> Thanks,
> Alejandra
> On 04/12/2017 15:42, Karen Coyle wrote:
>> I created a page for "Profiles context" [1] similar to the one that was
>> created for DCAT.[2] It has some definitions of "profile", "application
>> profile" and "metadata application profile" that I found online, and has
>> the start of a list of profiles from a variety of sources.
>> If any of you can add to those sections that would be great, and
>> particularly from business or science sources. The sources I found were
>> mostly in the cultural heritage arena, and that's probably because
>> that's the area that I know.
>> I do think that agreeing on a definition is going to be one of our first
>> steps, and it may take quite a bit of discussion. Perhaps in the next
>> few days we can begin to create some proposed definitions, just to see
>> where those take us.
>> kc
>> [1]
>> [2]

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