Start of profiles analysis page

I created a page for "Profiles context" [1] similar to the one that was
created for DCAT.[2] It has some definitions of "profile", "application
profile" and "metadata application profile" that I found online, and has
the start of a list of profiles from a variety of sources.

If any of you can add to those sections that would be great, and
particularly from business or science sources. The sources I found were
mostly in the cultural heritage arena, and that's probably because
that's the area that I know.

I do think that agreeing on a definition is going to be one of our first
steps, and it may take quite a bit of discussion. Perhaps in the next
few days we can begin to create some proposed definitions, just to see
where those take us.

Karen Coyle
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Received on Monday, 4 December 2017 15:43:02 UTC